Saturday, October 20, 2012

Voting Resources

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Election Day is coming up fast, Tuesday, November 6 2012 to be exact.  This does not leave much time to prepare (if you have not already). I made a list of a few websites that will help you prepare to vote!
If you want to recap what the top issues are for each candidate check out this link from   

If you want to find out how to register to vote, if your state requires id for you to vote, and if you can vote early check out

 If you want to find out where you can go to vote or find out information about absentee ballots check out

If your overseas and want to find out how to vote check out

If you feel that in any way, your right to vote is threatened please check out

Finally for those of you who are not sure if you should or want to vote please check out this article called "What is the Importance of Voting in America?" 

If you have additional voter resources you would like to add please leave it in the comments or email
thank you!

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